The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides a Resident Wellness Center adjacent to the hospital with an exercise facility, computer lab and lactation/pumping room. Our pediatric residents enjoy free healthy lunches there and also make use of on site exercise equipment and massages. At the Resident Wellness Center, resilience, wellness and relaxation are some of the many topics discussed. These resources are in addition to the free membership residents receive to the Marshall University Recreation Center

At the program level, we host a monthly resident wellness hour during the protected educational block time. Usually, this is free time used to enhance peer networking with ice cream (as requested by residents). Occasionally, we integrate short, interactive sessions about resilience or conduct relaxation and meditation exercises. 

Wellness Spotlight

Several faculty members and residents worked on a project to assess resident burnout and empathy using validated questionnaires before and after a series of resilience activities involving residents sharing positive their experiences with patients. Study findings were presented as a poster at the 2019 Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Following the presentation, a series of faculty facilitated relaxation and meditation exercises and repeated the assessment questionnaires. The results were presented at the 2020 Marshall University Health Science Research Day and were accepted to PAS 2020 (which was canceled due to COVID-19). 

Pediatric residents have quarterly group sessions with our institution’s mental health professional in order to facilitate learning coping skills and to debrief on the prior three month’s difficult situations they may have encountered

Grand Rounds sessions in the Department of Pediatrics entitled "Physician Wellness: Marathon, Not a Sprint" kept everyone informed about the assessments and resulting interventions related to resident wellness. Information on additional self-case was also provided.

Melissa Long, licensed psychologist

Inspire Wellness

At Marshall we believe our psychological well-being is just as important as our physical.  Therefore, free counselling sessions are provided by licensed mental health counselors.  The Pediatric Department has also implemented quarterly group counselling and coping skills sessions for the residents. Through these resident requested sessions specific educational topics are also provided by resident request.

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