Program Evaluation Committee

Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)


  • To participate actively in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating all significant activities of the residency program.
  • To review annually the program using multiple sources of evaluation including evaluations by faculty and residents, board score results, and success of resident recruitment.
  • To assure that areas of non-compliance with ACGME standards are corrected.
  • To render a full, written, annual program evaluation (APE).


The program director must appoint the PEC members.  The committee must be composed of at least 2 members of the residency faculty and must include representation from the residents.


The PEC will meet semi-annually and will review:

  • Current program, common and institutional ACGME requirements
  • Follow up on previous citations
  • Goals and objectives of curriculum
  • Evaluation system
  • Didactic curriculum requirements
  • Effectiveness of clinical curriculum
  • Volume and variety of patients and procedures
  • Program Letters of Agreement
  • In house program evaluations by faculty and residents
  • ACGME faculty and resident surveys
  • Resident supervision policy
  • Recruiting results
  • Duty hour monitoring results
  • Research and scholarly activities of faculty and residents
  • Board scores, in training exam scores, graduate surveys
  • Clinical outcomes/QI projects 

If deficiencies are found, a written plan will be prepared to document initiatives to improve.

Program Evaluation Committee Members

Marie Frazier, MD
Associate Professor
Pediatric Critical Care

Sean Loudin, MD
Associate Professor

Dominique Elmore, DO
PGY-3 Resident

Katie Huggins, DO
PGY-2 Resident

Casey Fitzpatrick, MD
PGY-1 Resident