Office of Academic Support

Welcome to the Office of Academic Support

Medical school is one of the most difficult educational endeavors that a student will ever encounter, and very often students have to learn new academic skills and techniques in order to both survive and thrive academically. It is difficult, but far from impossible. Every year students move forward toward fulfilling lifelong goals of becoming practicing physicians, and many of these students had a helping hand along the way. Just as you expect your patients to one day come to you with difficulties that you can help them with, we at the Office of Academic Support ask that you come to us when you are experiencing academic difficulties.

Below is a description of just some of the various ways that we can be of assistance to you:

Study Strategies

  • Analyze and troubleshoot your current academic study skills and strategies
  • Learn how to engage and achieve dynamic and multisensory study
  • Get more out of lecture by previewing and active listening
  • Diversify your contact with study material through self-testing and reviewing
  • Learn how to use effective mnemonics and memory strategies

Test Taking

  • Effectively read and work with vignette-style multiple choice questions
  • Identify your common test taking mistakes and possible solutions
  • Analyze your performance on classroom exams and board practice questions
  • Establish strategies for Step and shelf exam preparation
  • Address issues with pacing, answer changing, and test anxiety

Time Management

  • Effectively manage and prioritize your use of time
  • Achieve improved focus and concentrated study
  • Minimize internal and external distractions
  • Determine your ideal study space

Peer Tutoring

  • Meet one-on-one with a peer to help clarify and better understand concepts covered in class
  • Get a better understanding of how others have managed their medical school experience
  • Attend test preparation sessions conducted by peer tutors

One-on-one consultation and instruction available
Skill-specific presentations offered throughout the year and upon request 

If you’re a student at MUSOM, please join our MUSOM Academic Support group on Facebook.

If we don’t have an answer or solution, we will find one or refer you to someone who does! 

To arrange peer tutoring:
Laura Christopher, MS
Phone: 304-691-1730
Text: 304-360-2350