Admissions | MD Program


Dear Prospective Student:

You are in the process of making perhaps the most important decision of your life: the decision to become a physician, with all the remarkable challenges, obligations and privileges the profession brings.

Selecting the school that's right for you is another major choice, and we invite you to discover "the Marshall Advantage."

The most visible element of that advantage is the school's facilities. Marshall is proud to have the largest, most modern outpatient clinic for both services and education in our entire region. Because of the school's many affiliations, students have the opportunity to experience medical practice in varied settings: the bustling Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, successful rural clinics, highly specialized tertiary-care services in community hospitals, office of private physicians and others. Our students' educational opportunities are further enhanced by three facilities: the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center, and the Clinical Education and Outreach Center.

As vital as these facilities are, they pale beside the most essential element of the Marshall Advantage: the committed faculty whose members take very seriously the success of each individual student. Nowhere will you find a better faculty to student ratio or more dedicated faculty attention to the academic progress of students.

We welcome your interest in Marshall and hope you will join the over 1,000 physicians who began their successful careers here.