Medical Education

Mission Statement

The Office of Medical Education is committed to providing quality patient care to the people of West Virginia and our surrounding communities by educating and training exemplary medical students. Our goal is to produce compassionate physicians who integrate the skills of lifelong learning and evidence based medicine into clinical practice. We are committed to providing programs and curricula that emphasize communication, professionalism, cultural differences, medical ethics, and humanistic aspects of medicine.

Office of Medical Education Staff


Bobby Miller, MD
Vice Dean for
Medical Student Education
(304) 691-1313

Nitin Puri, MD/PhD
Associate Dean
Pre-Clinical Education


Paul Ferguson, MD
Director of
Clinical Education
(304) 691-1762


Laura Richardson, PhD
Director of
Pre-Clinical Education
(304) 696-3562

Bonnie Beaver, MD
Assistant Director
Career Advising

Leonard White, MD
Assistant Director
Academic Support

Ricardo Roa, MD
Director of
Clinical Integration

Robert (Robbie) Ashworth, MA
Learning Specialist
MUMC Suite 3420A
(304) 691-1736
Fax - (304) 691-1740

Robert Nance "Robbie"
Administrative Associate
(304) 691-8592
Fax - (304) 691-1740

Conner Henson, BS
Administrative Assistant