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Visiting Students

Thank you for your interest in Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.

To review our visiting student policy, please click here. To review our catalog of available courses, please click here.

For questions about available electives, available dates, this application or the process, please email

Please Note... 

*If you are interested in a surgical elective, our surgical department does not currently accept visiting students.

*If you are interested in an Obstetrics/Gynecology or Family Medicine elective, these departments only accept students from a US based medical school.

If you are enrolled in an institution that participates in VSLO, please look for us on VSLO.

If you are enrolled in an institution that does not participate in VSLO or are enrolled in an international medical school, please click here to make application.

*At this time, we are no longer accepting applications that are not submitted through VSLO for the 22-23 Academic Year.

Non-VSLO Applicants:

*You will be required to identify a school official (at your home school) at the beginning of the application and the school official will be responsible for completing a portion of the application and attaching requested documentation.

*You must review the course catalog and request actual courses not departments.

*Required fields are required…blank documents or empty fields will not be accepted with out an exception.

*You are not expected to submit Malpractice Insurance or Personal Health Insurance unless you are approved for an elective. Those are the only exceptions to the application.

Any application submitted with incomplete data, missing documentation, or not signed off by a school official will be rejected without notice.

Application Documentation Requested:

  • Visiting Persons Immunization Form.
  • Background Check completed within 1 year of application.
    • For instructions on how to complete the required background check, please click here.
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen
    • Must include Amphetamines (including Amphetamine & Methamphetamine); Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cannabinoid; Cocaine; Opiates (including Codeine, Morphine, Hydromorphone, and Hydrocodone); Oxycodone/Oxymorphone; Phencyclidine; Methadone and Propoxyphene.
  • Immunizations:
    • Must include Blood Titers (IgG Lab Value) verifying immunity for each of the following, Rubella (German Measles); Rubeola (Measles); Mumps; Varicella; HEP B; PPD (Mantoux, tine not accepted and must be less than one year); Tdap (must be less than 10 years); Polio; Influenza and COVID (must include any boosters).
  • Affiliate Hospital Documentation:
  • If making application to our Internal Medicine Sub-Internship, you will be required to rotate at our local Veterans Affairs Medical Center which requires its own documentation. The VAMC credentialing process takes a minimum of 6 weeks to complete prior to the start of any rotation. (If you are an international student and do not have a US issued social security #, you will not be able to rotate at the VAMC and must select an alternative elective).

Pre-Med Students Seeking Non-Elective Experience 

For CHH Job Shadowing Program information, please visit

For more information, please click here.

Graduate Students

Please contact the office of Graduate Medical Education or the Department you are interested in for more information.