Marshall Clinical Research Center

Marshall Clinical Research Center


The Mission of the Marshall Clinical Research Center (MCRC) is to promote clinical and translational research in order to provide advance care that is currently unavailable for the residents of our Tristate Metro Community (West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky). Since its creation, the Clinical Research Center has provided development and support to dozens of clinical trials, improving treatment for hundreds of patients. All of our clinical trials adhere to both our vision as well as the guiding principles (below).  We encourage all residents of the Tristate community to visit the website periodically to discover if any clinical trials may be of interest to them or their families.  

The MCRC has been organized as a centralized unit within the Office of Research and Graduate Education at Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine (JCESOM).  The centralized MCRC better coordinates and promotes all clinical research at JCESOM.  The primary office consists of the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Medical Director of the MCRC, Director of Clinical Informatics and support staff (all listed below).  The MCRC is located in the Charles H. McKown Translational Genomic Research Institute at Marshall University Medical Center in Cabell Huntington Hospital.

MCRC Services Offered

Marshall’s Clinical Research Center (MCRC) has been instrumental in granting patient access to nationally sought-after clinical trial programs.

Comprehensive services including trial discovery, contracting, regulatory, site qualification and initiation, faster screening and potential subject identification using the ACTSI data warehouse, patient visits, agency monitoring, data entry, documentation and study closeout are provided for each study under one roof.

Guiding Principles:

  • Long Term Engagement 
    • Research Investigators are our long-term partners. The MCRC Seeks to build a lasting partnership with all of the researchers at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. 
  • Mutual Benefit
    • The MCRC understands the role and pressures of being a primary investigator.  It is our goal to enhance the environment, research and reputation of each of our partners.
  • Professionalism 
    • The MCRC staff will work together with humility, candor, and mutual respect for expertise and cultural differences when communicating with researchers and community members. 
  • Shared Responsibility
    • All Partners have obligations towards the patients, the project, the community and each other. 
  • Integrity
    • All decisions and actions will be based on optimizing best-practices, maintaining data integrity, assuring safety, and upholding the highest standards of medical ethics and scientific quality. 


We will be a world leader in community academic clinical research supporting medical innovation and care in Appalachia. To realize this vision, we will strive to:

  • develop a new standard for scholarship in clinical research.
  • nurture an environment of collaboration, creativity and professional development throughout the Marshall research community.
  • foster a goal-oriented and balanced approach to research.
  • advance effective strategic alliances.
  • provide access to cutting edge healthcare opportunities to the underserved community.

Dr. Usha Murughiyan
Medical Director for Clinical Trials

David Coates

Mary Beth Cordle, MS, Quality
(304) 691-1081

Gina Finley

Nicole Finley

Jessica Merrick

Hillary Salava

Amber Vickers
Clinical Research Coordinator