Curriculum Committee


The mission of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Curriculum Committee is to create an optimal learning environment and develop and implement the best possible curriculum for the medical students which will enhance their learning and provide a foundation for their professional careers as physicians.


Curriculum Committee Membership

Member Department Term Ends
Student Members (selected by class election)
Kelsey Matusic Class of 2024 5/2024
Erick Trent Class of 2025 5/2025
Alex Dague Class of 2026 5/2026
Hannah Hilbelink Class of 2027 5/2027
Biomedical Sciences Members (selected by departmental election)
Beverly Delidow, Ph.D. 6/2026
Larry Grover, Ph.D. (Chair) 6/2026
Travis Salisbury, Ph.D. 6/2026
Maria Serrat, Ph.D. 6/2026
Todd Green, Ph.D. 6/2026
Clinical Faculty Members (selected by departmental election)
Kathryn Bell, M.D. FCH 6/2024
Ashraf Elghul, M.D MED 6/2024
Samrina Hanif, M.D. NEU 6/2024
Hisham Keblawi, M.D. OBG 6/2024
Wagas Mahmud, M.D. PTH 6/2027
Non-Voting Administrative Members
Nitin Puri, M.D./Ph.D.
(Executive Secretary)
Robbie Nance, MBA
(Recording Secretary)
Non-Voting Administrative Attendees
Traci West-McCombs, M.S. Registrar & Academic Affairs Coordinator
Marie Frazier, M.D. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs  
Amy Smith, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Affairs  
Jennifer Plymale, M.A. Associate Dean of Admissions & Special Programs  
Christine Gilkerson, M.D. Assistant Dean of Admissions  
Jennifer Gerlach, M.D. Assistant Dean of Longitudinal Curriculum  
Nancy Norton, M.D. Assistant Dean of Assessment & Evaluation  
Anna Hughes, M.S. Health Science Librarian  
Mike McCarthy, M.A. Chief Information Officer  
Holly, Dunmore, M.S. Director of Academic Information Services  
Mary Beth Hogan, M.D. Curriculum Assessment Evaluation Committee  
Richard Egleton, Ph.D. Graduate Faculty Review Committee  


To convey any curricular issues, add items to the Curriculum Committee agenda, etc., please email the Curriculum Committee Chair, Nancy Norton at