Family Medicine Rotation Schedule - Year 2

Our second year curriculum continues to build on basic principals while allowing a flexible rotation schedule so you can incorporate your own areas of interest. In addition to these rotations our residents are responsible for providing care in the outpatient setting 3 half-days per week in their continuity clinic. They are also required to attend weekly grand rounds lectures as well as our acute care, behavioral medicine, and sports medicine lecture series.

Please see each rotation for a brief description.

Family Medicine Hospital Service

Our residents complete 3 months of inpatient medicine with our Family Medicine Team. Our team consists of 6 Family Medicine residents and 1 supervising Faculty Member. We may also having additional team members from our Marshall Psychiatry and Obstetrics Residencies. Our second year residents will cover one 24 hour call shift every four days.


Our resident’s spend one month on the cardiology rotation working with Cardiology Faculty and Fellows. Their responsibilities include inpatient consultations, rounding with faculty, observing heart catheterizations/stress test, and cardioversion. They also spend time interpreting EKGs and Echocardiograms with the Fellows. There is no evening, weekend, or call coverage required during this rotation.


Our resident’s rotate for one month with Marshall’s Neurologist. This rotation is outpatient with an optional inpatient component. The residents also have optional involvement in EMG, EEGs, and other procedures such as LPs. There is no evening, weekend, or call coverage required during this rotation.


Two weeks of outpatient urology with optional inpatient surgical components. There is no evening, weekend, or call coverage required during this rotation.


Four weeks of outpatient orthopedics care working with Marshall Orthopedics residents and faculty members. Our residents work in a variety of clinics such as sports medicine, trauma, joint replacement, and hand specialty surgeries. You may participate in joint injections and be responsible for radiology interpretation.


Our resident’s spend two weeks learning adolescent medicine at a rural school based clinic. They spend one week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cabell Huntington Hospital working with Marshall Pediatrics Residents and Faculty. They complete this four week rotation working in our Newborn nursey providing routine care. Our residents also gain experience managing opiate withdrawal in the newborn while rounding in the Neonatal Transition Unit.

Office Management

Our resident’s spend two weeks training in billing and coding. They also use this time to complete their ABFM residency requirements.

Family Medicine Center

Our resident’s spend one month dedicated to outpatient Family Medicine including increased hours in their continuity practice, covering our walk in clinic, and they complete behavioral health training with our onsite licensed psychologist.

Surgical Procedures

Our resident’s spend one month working on outpatient surgical procedures with our own faculty. Procedures learned skin biopsies, skin cancer removal, cyst removal, cryotherapy, deep and superficial skin repairs, colposcopy, and endometrial biopsy.

Emergency Room

Our resident’s spend one month rotating with ER physicians at our local hospital. Procedures include intubations, laceration repairs, I &D, and others such as Lumbar Puncture. They also practice EKG and Radiology interpretation. The ER schedule is flexible as it is designed around an hourly requirement of 40 hours/week