International Medicine Track

The Marshall University School of Medicine's Department of Family and Community Health offers a Family Practice Residency Program with an emphasis on international health and medical care in the third world. The International Program is an outgrowth of our School of Medicine's main goal: developing primary care physicians. This program, which we believe is unique, recognizes that primary care is not bound by hospital walls or national borders. Instead, it is a universal process of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. International experiences also take us one step further by allowing us to see that process outside the context of our own culture: often problems and solutions stand out much more clearly when viewed against an unfamiliar backdrop.

"The International Health track at Marshall Family Medicine allowed me to travel abroad during both my PGY-1 and PGY-3 years and offered access to a month-long course in tropical medicine during the PGY-2 year. In my opinion, similar opportunities during residency are not easily found, which made this program really stand out."

-- M. Curry, M.D.

This program will allow participants to:

  • Complete a fully accredited residency in Family Medicine
  • Receive special training in community-oriented family medicine with an emphasis in international health
  • Complete electives in supervised third-world settings
  • Achieve a diploma in International Health and Rural Medicine
  • Work toward optional board certification in Tropical Medicine

In addition to providing course work at Marshall relevant to international medicine, wel will:

  • Provide a one month learning experience away from the School of Medicine in the first year in addition to the usual CME benefits;
  • Allow you to participate in a multi-week course in tropical medicine during your second year; and
  • Arrange for a two-month clinical experience in a third-world country for which we will cover airfare and lodging expenses. This rotation would be tailored to your educational goals as well as your travel and language background.

The diverse backgrounds and interests of our faculty offer solid support for the International Medicine Track. Members of our department have interest and expertise in many areas related to international medicine including anthropology, parasitology, public health, preventive medicine, tropical medicine, envenomations, occupational medicine, obstetrics, rural practice, and care of the under-served. The director of the International Health Track has lived and worked with jungle-dwelling tribal societies on a yearly basis for the past thirty years.


Dr. Walden

Dr. McElroy

Dr. Curry

Dr. Curtis

Dr. Steele


Nick Raubitschek, MD

Sarah Dennemeyer, MD

The Choice is Yours

Recent Rotations

Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Institution: Child Family Health International 
Duration: 4 weeks
Dates: April 30th - May 29th, 2016
Clinical Work: Patient Care - Primary Care, Public Health
Diagnosis Seen: Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, Pulmonary and renal Tuberculosis, HIV, Gastroenteritis, Malnutrition, URI, Hypertension, Diabetes (Including complications such as CKD, Cataract, Neuropathy, and Foot infections) Hyperlipidemia, UTI, Prenatal Care, Well-Child, and Dehydration.
Description: During my third year I was able to work in Puerto Escondido, Mexico with Children Family Health International. During this rotation patients of all ages were seen in community based primary care clinics throughout Puerto Escondido as well as the surrounding communities (up to 2 hours from Puerto.) Additionally, participation in a public health out reach regarding vector control (e.g. guppy fish were given to families in particular communities for use is wash basins as a means to limit the amount of mosquito larvae) was performed as well as education projects regarding symptoms of vector born diseases such as Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya.


Sponsor your membership in the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; Send you to the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, or the annual National Council for International Health meeting for one of your three years here;