Lifestyle Medicine Track

Comprehensive primary care through lifestyle medicine

The family medicine residency at Marshall University offers trainees the opportunity to participate in a targeted track dedicated to lifestyle medicine, a growing trend in medical residency education and the practice of primary care. 

Lifestyle medicine is a medical specialty that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat chronic conditions including, but not limited to, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.  Lifestyle medicine certified clinicians are trained to apply evidence-based, whole-person, prescriptive lifestyle change to treat and, when used intensively, often reverse such conditions. Applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine—a whole-food, plant-predominant eating pattern, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and positive social connections—also provides effective prevention for these conditions.

 While evidence shows lifestyle to be a critical factor in chronic disease, to date there have been inadequate levels of lifestyle-related training in medical and other related schools to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes.

The Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum (LMRC) consists of both educational and practicum components and is a comprehensive, applicable and flexible curriculum that included residents in every aspect of its creation.The program will allow participants to complete:

  • 40 hours of virtual interactive didactic material along with 60 hours of application activities designed to be completed over a one- to three-year time period.
  • A practicum component with 400 lifestyle medicine-related patient encounters, 20 hours of intensive therapeutic lifestyle change (ITLC) program experience and 20 hours of group experience.

Upon completion of the entire curriculum, residents will be qualified to sit for the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine certification exam.

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The program is based out of the Marshall University Medical Center, located at 1600 Medical Center, Huntington, WV, 25701.

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