Family Medicine Rotation Schedule - Year 1

Our first year curriculum is developed to cover the fundamental principles necessary to begin your career in Family Medicine. These are the required rotations for our first years. In addition to these rotations our residents are responsible for providing care in the outpatient setting 1 half-day per week in their continuity clinic. They are also required to attend weekly grand rounds lectures as well as our monthly acute care lecture series.

Please see each rotation for a brief description.

Family Medicine Hospital Service

Our residents complete 3 months of inpatient medicine with our own Family Medicine Team. Our team consists of 6 Family Medicine residents and 1 supervising Faculty Member. We may also having additional team members from our Marshall Psychiatry and Obstetrics Residencies. Our first year residents will cover two 12 hour call shifts every four days.

Obstetrics (Inpatient)

Our resident’s complete 2 consecutive months of inpatient Obstetrics. They work along with the Obstetrics residents and are supervised by Marshall’s OB/GYN Faculty members. Their responsibilities include coverage of OB triage, Antepartum, L & D, and Postpartum Care. They are also exposed to high risk patients when working with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist on antepartum inpatient service.

Pediatrics (Inpatient)

Our resident’s spend 2 months on inpatient pediatrics. They work along with Pediatric and Med/Peds residents and faculty. One quarter of time on this rotation is night float.

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Our resident’s spend one month working with IM resident in the Intensive Care Unit under the supervision of pulmonologist and critical care specialist. Responsibilities can include mechanical ventilation management, placing central lines, Arterial lines, and performing intubations. This rotation includes one week of night float.

Surgery (Inpatient)

Our resident’s complete one month of inpatient surgery working with the trauma service at Cabell Huntington Hospital which is a Level II trauma center. Their responsibilities include pre and post-op surgical care, optional OR time, and procedures. Procedures include chest tubes, central lines, I & D, laceration repairs, and FAST exams. This rotation includes one week of night float.

Surgical Subspecialties

Our resident’s complete four weeks of outpatient care split between ENT and ophthalmology. They work directly with community physicians in an outpatient setting with optional OR time.

Emergency Room

Our resident’s spend one month rotating with ER physicians at our local hospital. Procedures include intubations, laceration repairs, I &D, and others such as Lumbar Puncture. They also practice EKG and Radiology interpretation. The ER schedule is flexible as it is designed around an hourly requirement of 40 hours/week.


Our resident’s spend one month working in outpatient gynecology. They work with our faculty as well as community physicians to provide care at the Family Planning and STI clinics at our local health department. They also work in the Family Medicine office performing colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, IUD placements.