Culture & Belonging

Welcome to the Office of Culture & Belonging

Where we Celebrate our Differences

The Office of Culture & Belonging is committed to devising strategies and overseeing initiatives within the School of Medicine that will shape worldviews and foster a mindset open to different perspectives, new ideas and innovative solutions. We work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where differences are respected and valued.

We will continuously make every effort to provide support and assist students in successfully completing their medical education. We strive for an inclusive, supportive environment, empowering individuals to achieve their academic objectives and increase their intercultural competencies and knowledge of social justice issues.

Everyone has a vital role and an important stake in diversity work, whether it is working together to eliminate health disparities or self-educating to become more culturally competent. We will continue to collaborate within and across different communities to reduce inequalities and to create an environment that will facilitate the academic achievement of all populations in the medical profession.

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