The most advanced care anywhere in the world happens in clinical research trials. 

Clinical research is very different from the early experimental research conducted in laboratories. The object of bringing a new or investigational therapy into the clinic to provide our patients with healthcare options that are not yet accessible to most of the population. Every clinical trial conducted at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine has at least one of the following possible goals.

  • To provide a real chance to improve the outcomes for the patient above what is available through standard therapy 
  • To provide therapy in an area in which no effective therapy is available 
  • Improve therapy to the community at large

When you are asked to participate in a clinical research trial at Marshall, you are being asked to save a life or improve the quality of life for someone….often that someone is yourself.

Benefits of Research Participation

Research participation has its advantages:

  • Gain access to new treatments that are only available to research study participants. Individuals receive medical attention from research study personnel, including physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, and other expert healthcare professionals. 
  • Exercise your compassion by extending the gift of improved health within your own community and worldwide.
  • Empower yourself by learning more about your own health. 
  • Contribute to science and improve the healthcare of future generations. 

Patient Bill of Rights

Patients’ Bill of Rights protects you when you volunteer to participate in clinical research as a patient or as a healthy subject. We believe that concern for every research volunteer is linked closely to the successful conduct of clinical research.

You have the right:

  • To safe, considerate, and respectful care 
  • To expect all communications and records pertaining to your care be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law 
  • To receive information necessary for you to give informed consent prior to any procedure or treatment, any potential risks or benefits, and any alternatives 
  • To refuse to participate in research and to be informed of the medical consequences of these actions, including possible dismissal from the study
  • To designate additional physicians or organizations to receive medical updates
  • If you are interested in Clinical Trials at Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University please contact the Marshall Clinical Research Center at 304-691-1836.