Understanding Diversity Workshop

This series is designed to offer participants an in-depth opportunity to examine the many differences that exist in our community and to gain a greater understanding of how we can work together to create a bias-free environment.  The 1 and 2 day workshops will be offered several times a year. Session participation will be available for JCESOM faculty, staff, and students.  The workshop series will engage participants in dialogues between colleagues with the goal of increasing awareness of and sensitivity to diversity on our campus.  Many of the workshops will include dialogue on ways that we can expand our Principles of Community through exploration of concepts related to social justice, equity, and inclusion all of which will ultimately assist in increasing the diversity of the JCESOM community. This series will explore the rich dynamics of cross-cultural interactions and provides participants with knowledge and skill to increase their effectiveness in relating across cultural differences.

  • Implicit Bias
  • Micro aggressions
  • Macro aggressions
  • LGBTQIA Inclusion in the Workplace
  • ​Understanding Religious Differences in the Workplace
  • Understanding Diversity and Social Justice
  • Unpacking Oppression
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate Series
  • Culturally Inclusive Language
  • Disability Awareness in the Workplace
  • Intercultural Communication and Competence
  • Intercultural Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Understanding Diversity and Social Justice
  • Working with Diverse Student Populations
  • Conducting Culturally Inclusive Training's
  • Ensuring Libraries Are Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

Poverty Simulation

Implicit Bias Training