Life in the River Cities

Conveniently located along the Ohio River are the towns of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and Gallipolis and Pomeroy, Ohio. The River Cities offer physicians and families a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, combining rewarding professional opportunities with a welcoming community and a variety of recreational and cultural activities. Growth in this region is on the rise with new major steel manufacturing and hydrogen production plants under development.  

Community Atmosphere 
The River Cities are known for their tight-knit communities, where residents and professionals alike form strong bonds. Walkable downtown districts contribute to a friendly, warm and supportive living environment. 

  • Diverse dining options ranging from local diners to fine dining establishments offer a variety of culinary experiences. 
  • Entertainment venues, local theaters and community events provide a vibrant social scene for residents to enjoy in their free time. 

Quality Education 
Private and public schools offer excellent educational facilities, ensuring that physicians' families have access to quality schools and academic and extracurricular activities for children. 

Affordable Living 
The cost of living in the River Cities region is reasonable, allowing heath care professionals to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. A variety of housing options, from charming historic homes to modern developments, cater to different preferences. 

Outdoor Recreation 
Enjoy boating, fishing and kayaking along the scenic Ohio River. Marinas and boat ramps are readily available for water enthusiasts. The nearby Tu-Endie-Wei State Park offers hiking trails, bird watching and panoramic views of the Ohio River at this picturesque state park. Riverside parks are ideal spots for picnics, walking and enjoying breathtaking sunset views year-round as well as a spectacular light displays during the holiday season.

Cultural Attractions 
Rich cultural experiences, including local festivals, art galleries and historical sites, provide entertainment and a connection to the region's rich heritage. The annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant is a unique and enjoyable event that draws visitors from across the country. 

Proximity to Major Cities
The River Cities are strategically located along the Ohio River and U.S. Route 35, making it reasonable drive to major metropolitan areas of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Charlotte, North Carolina; and the District of Columbia.  


Photos courtesy of Ed Lowe, used with permission