JCESOM Learning Community

Learning communities strengthen the medical student experience through dynamic, engaged and relationship-centered communities for curricular and co-curricular learning and development. At Marshall, learning communities are divided into six houses that act as student-led networks that:

  • Provide medical students a familiar cohort for the duration of their medical school experience
  • Facilitate the development of trust and collaboration among the medical student body
  • Support student efforts to adapt to and succeed in the culture of medicine in general and medical education in particular
  • Provide students with a broad range of resources for learning, advising, support, teamwork and community engagement 

For more information, please contact learningcommunities@marshall.edu.


This house is named in honor of Ms. Cindy A. Warren, a legend and beloved fixture of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards. She is the first voice each accepted student hears and from that point on she continues to enrich their lives.

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Michael DeRosa, MS4 derosa4@marshall.edu

Karagan Mulhall, MS3 mulhall@marshall.edu

Marlena Pigliacampi, MS2 pigliacampi2@marshall.edu

Anna Mayo, MS1 mayo49@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Emine Koc, PhD
John Parker, MD 
Justin Nolte, MD  

About Ms. Warren

Ms. Cindy Warren is the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, holding this position for more than 40 years. 

Cindy was born and raised in Logan, West Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in consumer science from Marshall University, followed by a master’s degree in counseling and rehabilitation. In 1977, Cindy began working in the Admissions Department at the Marshall School of Medicine, and she has informed every student of their acceptance into the school since that time. 

When Cindy is not working, she enjoys rescuing animals, especially kittens and cats. Additionally, she is passionate about auctions and works part-time at a local auction house.

A pharmacist and physician, Kevin W. Yingling, RPh, MD, is the namesake of Yingling House. He has devoted his 30+ year career to the training of medical and pharmacy students while setting a standard of quality patient care as an internal medicine physician.

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Jenna Zuzolo, MS4 zuzolo@marshall.edu

Nicole Oliashirazi, MS2 oliashirazi1@marshall.edu

Esther Masayi, MS1 masayi@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Todd Green, PhD 
Hilary Porter, DO
Bisher Mustafa, MD

About Dr. Kevin Yingling

Dr. Yingling has been a registered pharmacist since 1981, a licensed physician since 1990 and a consultant pharmacist since 1995. 

Dr. Yingling received his B.S. degree in pharmacy from West Virginia University and his M.D. degree from Marshall University. He completed his residency and fellowship at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He has served as an honorary visiting academic fellow in clinical pharmacology at the University of Southampton in Southampton, England. He served as chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine for more than 10 years before stepping into the role of founding dean of the Marshall University School of Pharmacy, a position he held until his retirement in 2016. 

Dr. Yingling continues to serve as an associate professor of medicine and pharmacology at Marshall University and maintains an active base of patients. He volunteers his time as chairman of the board of directors for Cabell Huntington Hospital, and as a member of the board of directors for the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. He has also participated in faith-based and humanitarian medical missions to Russia, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti.

In 2010, Yingling was honored with the Laureate Award from the West Virginia Chapter of the American College of Physicians, recognizing excellence in medical care, education or research. He is a member of the Rho Chi Society and the Alpha Omega Society, pharmacy and medical honoraries, respectively. Dr. Yingling received the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and the 2017 Bowl of Hygeia award from West Virginia Pharmacy Association, the association’s most prestigious award.

This house is named in memory of the late Laura L. Richardson, PhD, for her commitment and dedication to medical students’ successes during their preclinical education. She was highly respected by each student and always supported them throughout their schooling.

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Mindy Sharon, MS4 sharon1@marshall.edu

Marissa Alvarez, MS2 alvarez14@marshall.edu

Will Snider, MS1 snider74@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Nitin Puri, MD, PhD 
Nancy Norton, MD 
Andy Gilliland, MD  

About Dr. Richardson

Dr. Richardson served as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Pre-Clinical Education at Marshall University until her sudden passing in 2018. Dr. Richardson received a B.A. degree in biology from Newton College of the Sacred Heart, followed by a Master of Science in Biology from the University of Virginia. She then worked at Georgetown University as a research instructor prior to entering their PhD program and receiving her doctoral degree in cell biology. She received postdoctoral training at The Burnham Institute and the University of Tennessee before joining the Department of Anatomy at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. 

Dr. Richardson was very enthusiastic about teaching both graduate and medical students, educating the students in the areas of cell biology and microscopic anatomy. She was instrumental in the education programs of first-year medical students at Marshall. She conducted research in the area of testicular cancer and received funding from the National Institutes of Health for her work. She was also a member of the American Society for Cell Biology, Society for the Study of Reproduction, and the American Society of Andrology. 

Dr. Richardson was particularly proud of her leadership in the establishment of the Anatomy Outreach Program that brought Huntington-area high school students to the anatomy labs at Marshall, where they learned about career paths by spending time with medical students and faculty. The program has grown every year since it was created and supports efforts by the Marshall University Admissions Office to attract minority students and students from rural West Virginia to the medical school. She was equally as proud of her role as the director of the Human Gift Registry, a program that encouraged donation of human bodies for medical student education. Under Dr. Richardson’s leadership, donations for the Human Gift Registry more than doubled in recent years. To honor donors and their families, she organized an annual memorial service that has become an emotional touchstone for all who are involved.

This house honors the accomplishments of Shelvy L. Campbell-Monroe, PhD, in heightening the level of diversity and inclusion programming, community outreach, and partnerships with the Marshall University schools of medicine and pharmacy. She continues to ensure a quality and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff. 

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Blue Cremeans, MS4 cremeans90@marshall.edu

Graham Sutherland, MS3 sutherland39@marshall.edu

Radant, MS2 radant@marshall.edu

Maddie Ross, MS1 ross351@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Vincent Sollars, PhD 
Marc Hettlinger, MD 
SuSu Kaporales, MD  

About Dr. Shelvy Campbell

Dr. Campbell is the Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion. A veteran of higher education administration, she has served in human resources, equity compliance, admissions, student financial assistance and student service positions at Marshall University for the past 25 years. She also served for many years as the Civil Rights and Equity Compliance Administrator at West Virginia State University Gus R. Douglass Land Grant Institute. 

Dr. Campbell directs two summer residential pipeline programs designed to attract minority and underrepresented students to the medical and other health care fields. She serves as an advisor for the school of medicine’s Health Spectrum Alliance (LGBT student organization) and chairs the school’s Multicultural Advisor Committee. Dr. Campbell also serves on the university’s Women of Color Committee and as a Title IV Investigator. Dr. Campbell is a member of several community, state, and national organizational boards and councils including: Kanawha Valley Bureau of Senior Services, Charleston Family Resource Center, the National Office of Minority Health Regional Health Equity Council (RHEC), and the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources Newborn Hearing and Screening Advisory Board. She currently serves as the national program chair for the National Association of Medical Minority Educators (NAMME). 

Dr. Campbell holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Virginia State University, a master’s degree in industrial and employee relations and an education specialist degree from Marshall University, as well as a doctorate in education from Capella University. Dr. Campbell is married to Lloyd Monroe, has one adult son, Jordan, and one granddaughter, Jocelyn.

This house recognizes Bobby L. Miller, MD, for his dedication in caring for our tiniest patients as well as for his leadership in medical education, heightening the curriculum and scholarship expectations of our medical students. He makes it his mission for every student to succeed.  

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Anisha Valluri, MS4 valluri4@marshall.edu

Drew McAward, MS3 mcaward@marshall.edu

Hannah Hudson, MS2 hudson189@marshall.edu

Jake Peterson, MS1 peterson89@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Hongwei Yu, PhD
Tammy Bannister, MD 
Stephen Roy, MD  

About Dr. Bobby Miller

Dr. Miller has served as Vice Dean for Medical Education at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine since 2016. He was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky. He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Marshall University. Dr. Miller also earned his medical degree from Marshall University, where he completed a combined internal medicine/pediatrics residency, during which he served as chief resident. 

After completing fellowship training in neonatal-perinatal medicine at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, Dr. Miller returned to join the Department of Pediatrics at Marshall. Prior to his role as vice dean, he served as Pediatric Residency Program Director for seven years. In addition to his role as vice dean of the medical school, Dr. Miller is a professor of pediatrics and medical director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cabell Huntington Hospital/Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. He also maintains an active clinical practice. 

Dr. Miller is married to Eric Hardin-Miller. They live on a farm with 50 chickens, two miniature donkeys, seven dogs, five cats, canaries and one giant South African leopard tortoise.

This house is named for Sasha Zill, Ph.D., a gross anatomy, neuroscience and surgical anatomy professor and researcher who has dedicated himself completely to his students and has set the highest standard for scholarly research at Marshall. 

2020-2021 Faculty & Student Leaders

Joe Chirico, MS4 chirico6@marshall.edu

Katy Taylor, MS3 taylor949@marshall.edu

Coy Smith, MS2 smith2493@marshall.edu

Alyssa Milbee, MS1 milbee@marshall.edu

Faculty Advisors

Richard Egleton, PhD 
Paul Ferguson, MD 
Jenna Dolan, MD 

About Dr. Sasha Zill 

Dr. Zill received a bachelor's degree in zoology from Columbia University and a doctoral degree in anatomy from the University of Colorado. He has served on the faculty of Marshall University since 1987, earning the rank of full professor in 1994. 

Dr. Zill has been recognized by the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine for his teaching, receiving countless awards for Instructor of the Year, the Golden Apple Teaching Award, and the Innovation in Teaching Award. He was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society in 2009 and named an Honorary Alumnus by the Marshall School of Medicine Alumni Association in 2016. Medical students have selected Dr. Zill numerous times to hood them at graduation. However, teaching is just one of his loves. 

His research is what he calls his labor of love. He has dedicated his life’s work to understanding how the nervous system generates motor behaviors.  Dr. Zill was on the cutting-edge of biorobotics. He collaborates with scientists across the globe and continues to produce fascinating research in neurobiology, which has been funded continuously since 1976, including grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research. With hundreds of publications, he embodies the type of scientist he encourages his students to be.


LEAD: Leadership Exploration and Development

2019-2020 Student Leaders

Ally Kiekover, Class of 2022

Sydney Graham, Class of 2021

Faculty Mentor

Darshana Shah, PhD

About LEAD

This program is a new initiative started by the learning communities to help us understand and develop our leadership skills. These skills include communication (Verbal and Nonverbal), emotional Intelligence, self-awareness, conflict resolution, building and influencing teams, developing others, and collaboration. You will develop and explore these skills during a self-guided program.  This program will focus on personal development of your leadership skills and will hopefully help you uncover ways to improve you leadership.

Personal Development Links