Facilities, Study Space and Building Access

For your own safety, the following rules apply at all times in all facilities:

  1. Students must wear their ID badge.
  2. Students cannot leave doors propped open under any circumstance.
  3. Students cannot open the door for anyone seeking access. All individuals approved for access have the swipe cards that allow them to do so.
  4. Students are not to loan their swipe card to anyone.
  5. Students are not permitted to access clinical areas before or after business hours.
  6. If a student discovers another student in violation of these rules, that student should report the student to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. At the discretion of the Dean, the student may lose swipe access privileges or be subject to dismissal.
  7. If you find that your swipe card is not working, please contact Cindy Obregon at 304-691-8725.
  8. Please direct your questions about study space to Amy Smith, 304-691-8684.


Robert W. Coon Education Building
1542 Spring Valley Drive

CEB Study Space.jpg

Medical Students have swipe care access to the CEB 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Study Space:
On the third floor of this building, there are three small group rooms that seat up to 4 students each (with computers and white boards) and four small round tables. In the computer lab across the hall are ten computer stations, 29 study carrels, and five couches. In the adjacent library of the VAMC are an additional four study carrels and two large tables. The medical students also have access to the second floor lecture room when class is not in session.

Room 325 - Study Lounge (3rd Floor): 1 kitchenette, 4 tables with 14 seats, a couch with 3 seats, a white board, and a TV.

Room 325A, B, & C: Each has 1 42" LCD TV with Apple TV, a large table that seats up to 8, and a whiteboard.

Room 327 - Library: 14 Individual cubbies, a 10 person lounge area with 3 couches, 18 tables with seats, and 5 PCs.

During business hours, students must park in the student lot adjacent to and below the employee parking lot. After 4pm on weekdays, vehicles can be moved closer to the CEB (under the water tower), but on weekdays, students cannot park on the main level in front of the CEB or in the parking garage. On weekends and holidays, parking is available at all locations. The exception is the 24-hour handicap parking spots.

The Veterans Affairs Police Department can be reached at (304) 429-6755 ext. 2855. They are available to assist you while on the grounds of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center which includes the MEB.

Byrd Biotechnology Sciences Center (BBSC)
Third Avenue across from the Marshall University Science Building


Medical students have swipe card access to the BBSC 24 hours a day.

Study Space:

Room 202: A lounge space across from the elevators. It seats about 15 people and has six study cubicles. This space has a lot of natural light with large windows. It has comfortable seating with floor outlets for laptops.

Room 203: A computer lab with 10 computers running Windows.

Rooms 204, 205, and 206: Group study rooms that can seat up to 10 people.

There are student parking lots to the East and West of the BBSC. There is also a student parking garage to the East of the BBSC. There is also meter parking on the sides of 3rd Avenue. The parking lots and the garage require a permit.

A security officer is present in the building or on the grounds at all times and is available by cell phone at (304) 696-3718 to address non-emergent or less serious security concerns.

Byrd Clinical Center (BCC)
1249 15th Street


Medical students have 24/7 swipe card access to the BCC (ground floor only). Swipe access before or after regular business hours is through the single door to the right of the main BCC entrance.

Study Space:
There are four small group rooms that can accommodate about 4 students each (group study) and in the computer lab, there are 19 computer/study carrels. The large auditorium/classroom is available for study space as is the Clinical Skills Laboratory (swipe card access) which can accommodate about 15 students. The students may also use the Clinical Skills exam rooms after hours. The lobby of the BCC has 4 individual study carrels and 3 tables for the students to use as viable study locations.

Parking on the street level parking deck is restricted to patients only between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Faculty, staff, and students are not permitted to park on the patient deck during these hours and will be subject to towing without advance warning. The lower level and intermediate level parking decks are available for all occupants of the building. Everyone choosing to park on the intermediate deck should exercise extra caution as this area is somewhat obstructed from general lines of sight and may pose increased security risks although cameras, lighting, and emergency call boxes are installed. Students who intend to access the building after 8 p.m. on weekdays must move their vehicles to the street level parking deck. The gates to the intermediate and lower level are locked on the weekends so students may park on the patient (street) level deck but their vehicles must be moved prior to 7am Monday morning.

Shuttle Bus:
A shuttle bus is available to transport students to and from the BCC to the MUMC. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To schedule transportation, contact the shuttle bus driver at (304) 544-7433.

A security officer is present in the building or on the grounds at all times and is available by cell phone (304-634-5166) to address non-emergent or less serious security concerns.

Linda S. Holmes Wellness Center
1321 Hal Greer Boulevard
Huntington, WV 25701


Medical Students have swipe card access to the Linda S. Holmes Wellness Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Study Space:
There are 4 private study rooms each of which can accommodate two students, and one conference room. 
This site includes a kitchen equipped with fridge, microwave and table, and a large recreational lounge with comfortable seating, large screen television, and pool table.
Student Affairs offices are located within this facility. 

Students are allowed to park in the lot that is directly behind El Ranchito or may park in the parking garage across from the Byrd Clinical Center.  Students may also park on the lower level surface lot at the Byrd Clinical Center.

A security officer regularly patrols the grounds.  To reach Cabell Huntington Security, call 304-536-2223.

Marshall University Medical Center
1600 Medical Center Drive


Health Sciences Library (HSL) in the MUMC

All medical students have swipe card access to the Health Sciences library 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Study Space:
The HSL is located on the second floor of the MUMC. In the HSL outer atrium area there are 3 round tables that can seat 5 people apiece and 1 single table. There are also 2 small study room available in the outer area. There is a small enclosed computer room that 4 students can use at one time and computer stations along the way of the HSL and 2 computer stations to the right of the entrance of the HSL. Towards the back of the HSL office area, there are 3 study room available to students. ****Note- these study areas may not be always be available during the SOM interview season, which usually is from October to February******

Due to the construction of the Cabell Huntington Hospital parking garage, it is recommended that students park on the lower level of the Byrd Clinical Center and use the shuttle bus to be transported to CHH and to the MUMC. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To schedule transportation, contact the shuttle bus driver at (304) 544-7433.

Cabell Huntington Hospital Security is present in the building or on the grounds. They can be contacted by calling (304) 526-2223.

Lewis Technology Center in the MUMC

A computer lab is available for study space on the second floor of the MUMC (to the left of the stairwell) that includes 10 computer stations and a 6 ft. table and chairs. This is a shared space and students will have access during the day according to a calendar that will be posted. Students will have swipe access after business hours.

Drinko Library on MU Campus


Located on the western side of campus near Old Main is the Drinko Library that has 20 small group study rooms for 2 students (first come, first serve) and 4 conference collaboration rooms for group study (reservations required). There is a 24 hour Study Center on the first floor of the library which includes 56 individual computer carrels, print and copy center, scanners and a digital sender. For more information, and to make reservations for conference collaboration rooms, see: http://www.marshall.edu/library/libraries/drinkolibrary.asp

Students should park in designated lots or in pay as you go parking spots.

MUPD can be reached at (304) 696‐4357 (HELP) from any University phone, or using any one of the distinctively marked emergency/service phones