Careers in Medicine (CiM)

Created by the AAMC, Careers in Medicine provides students with resources that can be utilized throughout all  four years of a student’s medical education. CiM offers career advising  tools, such as self-assessments and applications to provide insight into successfully understand the career-planning process. By implementing a four phase model, CiM assists medical school staff and faculty in helping medical students plan their careers.

Careers in Medicine Timeline for MS1-MS4 students

Introduction to Careers in Medicine (CiM)

Establish a relationship with a mentor

Assess your interests by completing the CiM’s Medical Specialty Preference Inventory(MSPI) self-assessment.

Help students understand what’s important to you in your career and how a student wants to practice medicine by completing the CiM’s Physician Values in Practice Scale(PVIPS) self-assessment.

Continue Rapport with faculty mentor

Attend student interest group meetings and specialty career conversations meetings

Begin to collect data and information on your specialties of interest.

Complete the CiM’s personality assessment in order to better understand your relationships in regards to learning styles and relating to others.