Salary & Benefits

Paid Vacation 3 weeks paid vacation
  • Malpractice: Provided by the State of West Virginia's "Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy"
  • Group Term Life :  One and one-quarter percent ( 1 1/4 % )of annualized stipend with a minimum of $50,000 plus a $10,000 basic life insurance policy for a total of at least $60,000. Additional life insurance can also be purchased for the resident/fellow and their dependents.
  • Health: Variety of plans/costs ranging from $85/month to $520/month depending upon coverage and tobacco use status
  • Flexible Benefits: Dental/Vision.  All are pre-tax dollars.
  • Social Security: Employee and Employer pay social security taxes. International medical graduates who provide a copy of his/her J-1 Visa to administration will be exempt from social security taxes
  • Workers' Compensation: Coverage is provided.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance: Provided to resident at no charge.
Sick Leave Residents accrue 15 days of sick leave annually.
Parking Free
Meals On - call meals are provided by the hospital
Book Fund PGY I: $500.00 annually
PGY II - PGY V: $1,000 annually



PGY I: $52,000
PGY II: $53,000
PGY III: $54,000
PGY IV: $55,000
PGY V: $56,000

F-1: $55,000 
F-2: $56,000
F-3: $57,000
F-4: $58,000

Plus a $2,000 Signing Bonus for Categorical Positions NRMP Matched

Other Benefits
  • Retirement: Residents can contribute to retirement plan however it is not matched by the company.
  • Marshall Rec Center membership with optional discounted rate for spouse.
  • Discounted laundry rate at White Way Cleaners ($8 per white lab coat).

In addition to the salary and benefits afforded all Marshall Housestaff, the Department offers additional benefits for residents:

Conference Time: Each resident in the PGY II year and above will be granted up to 5 working days to attend educational and/or professional conferences. Unused conference days are forfeited.

Book/Conference Stipend: The department provides a number of texts appropriate for each level of training. In addition, for the PGY 3 & 4 years, there is a stipend that can be used to off set the cost of attending an educational conference or for study materials. In the PGY 2-4 years, the Department pays the membership fees for residents to join the APA (the first year of membership is free). The text list is reviewed annually.

PGY I – Books and APA Membership
PGY II - Books and APA Membership
PGY III - Books, APA Membership and $500 conference stipend
PGY IV - APA Membership and $500 conference/book stipend

Travel Support for Presentations: The Department is committed to supporting resident's academic scholarly activity and as a result, has dedicated funds annually to support the travel of resident physicians who are presenting their work at conferences or educational venues. Residents can apply receive a grant from these dedicated educational funds to support costs of presenting at conferences.

Educational Leave: Residents who are elected or appointed to state or national medical organization leadership roles are granted educational leave to attend annual meetings and conferences.