Our Faculty

Pediatric Hospitalists

Our program leadership is board certified in Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine. Our pediatric hospitalists are seasoned in providing training and leadership skills, as well as supporting research and quality improvement within the department. 

Susan L. Flesher, MD
Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Andrea M. Lauffer, MD, FAAP
HospitalistMedicine-PediatricsPediatric Hospital MedicinePediatric Hospitalist Care

Jay T. Naegele, MD
General PediatricsHospitalistPediatric Hospital MedicinePediatric Hospitalist Care

Audra L. Pritt, MD
General PediatricsHospitalistPediatric Hospital MedicinePediatric Hospitalist Care

Lauren Tufts, MD
 Pediatric Hospital Medicine​

Troy Wallace, MD
General Internal MedicineGeneral PediatricsMedicine-PediatricsPediatric Hospital Medicine

Pediatric Subspecialists

Our fellows also have the opportunity to learn from a variety of pediatric subspecialists.

Rose M. Ayoob, MD
Pediatric Nephrology

Amanda S. Dye, MD
Pediatric Endocrinology

Beth B. Emrick, MD
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Paul T. Finch, MD
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Jeffrey K. Harris, MD
Pediatric Cardiology

Joshua A. Hess, MD
Medicine-PediatricsPediatric Hematology-OncologyPediatric Oncology

Patricia J. Kelly, MD, FAAP
Adolescent Medicine

Jacob T. Kilgore, MD, MPH, FAAP
Medicine-PediatricsPediatric Infectious Disease

Mariana Lanata, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Infectious Disease

Hillary N. Porter, DO
Child & Adolescent PsychiatryGeneral Psychiatry

Xavier Villa, MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition