Examples of Approved Hours for Community Service


Activity that Counts toward CS Log

Allotted Hours for Activity

 Locks for Love

2 hour cap per semester

Walk/Run for a Charity

2 hours for walkers/runners; extra hours permitted for volunteering

Mission Trip/Service Trip (i.e., JCESOM Global Medical Brigades)

20 hour cap per trip

Let’s Get Moving & Health Fairs

Time logged = Time spent at the activity

JCESOM “Spinnathon”

Time logged = Time spent spinning, organizing the event and fundraising for the event

Volunteering at a hospital/healthcare facility

Time logged = Time spent at the activity

JCESOM Human Gift Registry Memorial Service

Time logged = time spent organizing the event/ceremony NOT just attending



Activity that DOES NOT COUNT toward CS Log

Canned Food Drive

Donating clothes, Money, or Material Goods to any organization (i.e., “Dress for Success”, Good Will, etc.) **

Eat and Drink For Pink

Time spent for activities that specifically benefit a student organization or MUSOM in which students are required or expected to attend (i.e., AMSA’s “Jingle Bell Run,” attending the Human Gift Registry Memorial Service, etc.)



** If you were involved with organizing and/or distributing the donations, then that time CAN be logged

An activity is not eligible for “logging” if you have been monetarily reimbursed for your service

Time spent traveling to your destination does not count toward your logged hrs for that activity

If you are unsure as to whether a community service activity is eligible for “logging” contact your class CSO representative(s) or current CSO president and they will be able to provide you with a     swift answer. The CSO committee members will vote on all “questionable” activities to decide whether they can be counted toward a student’s total hours.