Each incoming class elects 2-3 members to be a part of the Community Service Organization.  These members serve as liaisons between their respective classes and the organizational president.  Feel free to contact any of the members below with questions, comments, or suggestions.

MS1: 2022
Leah Ching -
Taylor Spry -
Jordan Ratcliffe -
Sydney Yoho -
Paige Lester -
Carla Haikal -

MS2: 2021
Haley Alberts,
Jett MacPherson,
Dylan Weaver,

MS3: 2020
Annie DeFruscio -
Cierra Hardt -
Lee Mendenhall -

MS4: 2019
Cameron Ross -
Shirin Majidi -
Ellen Petryna -
Sashi Yasuda -