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Annual Community Service Award

This is an award that a student can earn each year presented at the Research Days Student Awards Ceremony in August. In order to get this award, one needs an average of 20 hours per semester, 40 hours per year with two reflections (one completed each semester). One also must meet the deadlines required for completing/logging hours for both semesters. These dates are as follows:

Spring Semester: Jan. 1-Jun. 30 for completion of hours
Jul. 21 for logging of hours and reflection

Fall Semester: Jul. 1-Dec. 31 for completion of hours
   Jan. 21 for logging of hours and reflection

**Note: You can do 10 hrs one semester and 30 hrs the next, as long as you meet the required deadlines for logging/completing hrs and writing the reflection.  

Cumulative Community Service Award

This award is allotted to those, whom after their four years of medical school, who look like they are "on track" to completing an average of 20 hours per semester and 160 hours for all 4 years.

Every fourth year JCESOM student will be evaluated in the fall and recognized accordingly if they seem to be on track to completing their hours by their medical graduation.