Research is a mandatory part of cardiology fellowship training at Marshall and each fellow is provided with at least 5 months of protected time to complete one or more research projects. Each fellow will complete  a mentored, hypothesis-driven research project that will be developed throughout the program, with expectation of at least one publication.  Additional research time is available to fellows seeking a career in clinical investigation.

First-year trainees have one month of research. During this month the fellow identifies an area of interest and begins the process of preparing a protocol for a hypothesis-driven small-scale research project, and an IRB application.

There are 2 research months in the each the second and third year of fellowship. During these months the fellow should have IRB approval for the project and will begin data collection and analysis. Manuscripts should be completed and submitted for publication.

Yearly presentations to Marshall University Research Day and the WV Chapter Meeting of the American College of Cardiology are expected.

Currently Enrolling Pharmaceutical Trials

ABSORB (absorbable stent):

  • Must have evidence of myocardial ischemia suitable for elective PCI
  • Negative enzymes 72 hours prior to procedure
  • Cannot require Coumadin therapy
  • Must meet angiographic inclusion/exclusion criteria


  • 1 lab draw required for participation. Length of study is same day.
  •  Do not have to be fasting
  • Recruiting patients with DM, diastolic CHF, DM and diastolic CHF, Increased BMI and normal control


  • Newly documented diagnosed  non-valvular AF (< 3 months prior to baseline visit)
  • Must have CHADS score of at least 1
  • Cannot have received more than 60 days of VKA treatment in their lifetime prior to baseline visit


  • History of CAD and/or DM
  • Fasting Trigycerides of > 200 and < 500 mg/dl
  • Only on statin (stable therapy)
  • 28 day wash-out if on niacin, fibrates and/or omega-3 fatty acids is allowable

TAK-875 306:

  • Diagnosis of T2DM:
  • HbA1c between 7% and 10.5% at screening visit
  • Must have 1 or more: Documented MI (within 2-24mths), documented symptomatic PAD, or documented Cerebrovascular disease.


  • Triglycerides > 150 mg/dl
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • 10 day wash-out if taking any fish oil or Omega-3 supplements is allowable