Consortium Graduate Medical Education

The Marshall Community Health Consortium Graduate Medical Education Committee (CGMEC) is the centralized committee that addresses issues of program location and resident rotations according to each organization’s available resources, preferences, and other factors. It shall make and implement policies to comply with the CGME Board of Directors, ACGME, LCME, JCHOA and other governing body requirements.

In fulfillment of ACGME requirements that stipulate Graduate Medical Education (GMEC) membership, the CGMEC membership includes at a minimum, but is not limited to:

  • The DIO
  • Program Directors from each of the residency programs
  • A peer selected Resident from each program
  • A Quality Improvement/Safety Officer or his/her designee from each participating founding member (MH or MUSOM)
  • The CEO or his/her designee of each participating founding member. (CHH, MUSOM or MH, VH)
  • Representative Site Directors

The DIO will serve as chair. Additional members may be appointed to the Committee.

Proposed program(s) and proposed complement of residents for each, and the proposed timeline for achieving ACGME accreditation for this program(s) are listed below:

  • Family Medicine- 4 proposed complement, 4 for each year, beginning with July 2016.
  • Internal Medicine- 15 proposed complement, beginning with July 2017.
  • Pediatrics- 4 proposed complement, 4 for each year, beginning with July 2018.
  • Internal Medicine/Pediatrics - 8 proposed complement, 2 for each year, beginning with July 2019.

The Consortium will provide ambulatory/outpatient training for its Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, MED/PEDS and Pediatric residents at sites within the Valley Health System, MUSOM, Marshall Health, and CHH rural hospital affiliations. Other sites like Tug River and Coalfield will also be utilized as developed.