Office of Radiation Safety

Marshall University is licensed to use radioactive materials under the conditions of License No. 47-05972-02 and in accordance with regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the State of West Virginia. NRC License No. 47-05972-02 was renewed on April 24, 2015 and will expire on October 31, 2025. Individuals wishing to use radionuclides or radiation-producing devices at Marshall University must receive prior authorization. To become an Authorized User, an individual must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Committee for approval. The application must include the specific radionuclides to be used, the amount of radioactivity, the procedures that will be used and a plan for ensuring that radioactive materials will be used safely and stored in a secured location. Also, a statement of training and experience must accompany this application. Forms for the application can be obtained online at the Marshall University Radiation Safety Office web site or at the University Radiation Safety Office (BBSC 220A).

The Radiation Safety Program at Marshall University requires that individuals who work with radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices or who frequent laboratories where radioactive materials are used receive training consistent with their potential for exposure. Training for new workers and refresher training for experienced individuals is provided by the University Radiation Safety Office. The training of technicians and students to use specific experimental protocols that require radioactive materials is provided by the Authorized User and must be documented. The User and personnel working in his/her laboratory are expected to follow safe laboratory practices and comply with license requirements and NRC regulations. Activities involving radioactive materials, or the use of radiation-producing devices will be monitored for compliance by the University Radiation Safety Office. Contact the University Radiation Safety Office for information regarding dosimeter usage or to request exposure records.

For emergencies or the answers to specific questions regarding the use of radioactive materials, call the University Radiation Safety Office (696-6755) or the Radiation Safety Officer (696-7366). Marshall University is committed to the ALARA concept of keeping exposure to radioactivity to levels that are as low as reasonably achievable.


Contact Information for Radiation Safety Personnel

Dr. William McCumbee
Radiation Safety Officer
(304) 696-7366

Zachary Beaver
Radiation Safety Specialist
(304) 210-4847

After Hours:
MUPD: (304) 696-4357