Nomination and Selection Criteria

Nomination and Selection Criteria for Future GHHS members

Third year students will be asked to fill out the Peer Nomination Survey during the winter of their third year. For each of the six survey questions, students should list three students in their class who best fit the described situations. The situations listed in the Peer Nomination Survey address clinical excellence, humanism, professionalism, and commitment to service. The survey results will produce a ranking which will guide the Selection Committee in choosing new members of the JCESOM GHHS chapter.

The Selection Committee will consist of faculty, staff, clerkship directors and GHHS members. The students in the top 20-25 percent of the ranked survey results will first be evaluated for academic standing. The list of students who meet standards for eligibility will then be passed on to the Selection Committee. These candidates will be either asked to submit a written response to a question devised by the committee about humanism in their lives, participate in an interview with current student members, or submit any personal information that may be appropriate and will enable the committee to reach its decision. The Selection Committee will meet in late winter or early spring to review and discuss the nominees, and will select the top 10-15 percent of candidates. After the final decisions have been made, those selected students will be notified, and then the results will be announced to the medical school.

Chapter Faculty Advisor
Amy Smith, M.Ed.