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Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2022-2023


Tuition Per Semester

Fees Per Semester

Total Per Semester

WV Resident









WV Resident – for total of seven (7) semesters


Non-resident – for total of seven (7) semesters


Required Expenses – Not Tuition Related

Unless indicated below, students will be given specific order/purchase instructions for required items.

Lab Coat and Scrubs

$45.00 lab coat
Two sets of program-required scrubs, $35.00 each
In addition, students must have one pair of scrubs (their preference) for anatomy lab – these will be disposed of after anatomy lab course – estimated cost is $20.00

Books and equipment (includes stethoscope)

$1,400.00 (program estimate) **

Physical Examination

Prior to matriculation, cost will vary depending on student insurance and area.


Prior to matriculation, cost will vary depending on previous student immunizations.

Background Check

$139.60 – this will be performed two times at $69.80 each – once prior to matriculation and once prior to beginning clinical rotations. Various healthcare sites may require additional testing.

Drug Screen

$45.00 prior to matriculation (if done locally at Huntington site, if not done in Huntington, then $60.00)/ $45.00 prior to going on rotations (random drug screens are paid by the program)


$75.00 (one-time fee)


$10.00 (one-time fee)

Marshall PA Student Society Dues

$10.00 (one-time fee)

Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam


Health Insurance

$6,382.00 per year ***

Computer (student’s preference of laptop or desktop)


BLS/ACLS Trainings


Graduation Fees

$50.00 to be paid in last semester

**Cost for books and equipment above reflects the purchase of texts not available via our online database. Many of our required texts are available as e-texts at no additional cost to students resulting in significant savings.

***All students are permitted to waive health insurance as long as they have one of the following means of credible Insurance:

  1. Medicare/Medicaid: must provide full coverage in the state of West Virginia.
  2. VA or Tri-Care
  3. Valid health insurance (individual coverage, from parents or from employer) including emergency services, local urgent care facilities, diagnostic x-rays, laboratory services, mental health coverage, prescription drugs, and inpatient and outpatient hospitalization.

Living Expenses Estimate

Living Expenses Estimate (per month)
Rent/Mortgage $650

  • Electric @$95
  • Gas @ $75
  • Water @ $50
  • Telephone @ $75
  • Internet @ $50
  • Food @ $400

$16,740.00 per year


$3,480.00 per year

Loan Fees

Graduate plus fee $829.00 per year
Loan fee $380.00 per year