Welcome from the Program Director

I love this program!  I am a graduate of this residency program from 2009 and I have stayed here for 10+ years because I love being here.  Every year that passes my goal is to make this program better.  I fully believe the best way to make a program better is to make each individual in the program excel.  That being said my goal is to have a personal relationship with every resident in my program so they know that I support them and want them to succeed.  By ensuring all the members are healthy, happy, and succeeding the program will also excel.  I am not naïve enough to believe that each year the program will not encounter threats as I know we will but I know that as a family we will overcome any threats the program faces.  When you look at Marshall as a protentional program know that you are looking to join a family for the next three years or maybe even a lifetime!

Eva Tackett, MD
Program Director