The ACGME curriculum requirements for Geriatric Medicine lend themselves to an immersion in continuity geriatric specialty experience. The fellow will attain continuity experience in:

  • Geriatric ambulatory continuity and consultation
  • Home visits
  • Hospice care 
  • Skilled and long-term nursing home care

The program operates with the expectation that the geriatric fellow will maintain their base specialty skills therefore continuity ambulatory office practice in the fellow specialty is maintained throughout the year.

Multi-month block rotations are integrated into the weekly continuity schedule are the mechanism for experience in psychiatric care, determining capacity, cognitive disorders, movement disorders, prolonged developmental disorders, neuropsychiatric testing, physical medicine and rehabilitation, bone health, nutrition, falls, incontinence and skin care.

The didactic components include geriatric conferences, geriatric journal club and patient safety and quality improvement conferences. Computer-based and web-based educational modules form the American Geriatric Society will be utilized to augment continuity and consultative experiences. The Medical Director Certification course will be completed during the fellowship.

Active participation in geriatric research and in a fellow-driven quality improvement or patient safety project will be completed during the year and presented at the medical school’s conferences, state or national geriatric society conferences, or published.