Program Goals and Objectives

Our program follows Goals and Objectives set forth by Commission on Dental Accreditation as defined in standard 2-2 of the General Practice Application. The goal of our program is to provide education and training at an advanced level of skill and/or case complexity beyond that accomplished in the pre-doctoral training in the following areas.

  1. Operative Dentistry
  2. Restoration of the Edentulous space
  3. Periodontal Therapy
  4. Endodontic Therapy
  5. Oral Surgery
  6. Evaluation and Treatment of Dental Emergencies
  7. Pain and Anxiety control utilizing behavioral and/or pharmacological techniques.

Furthermore as dictated in the standard 2-4 of the General Practice Residency Application we also provide training to ensure that on completion of the program, the resident is able to manage the following

  1. Medical Emergencies
  2. Implants
  3. Oral Mucosal Diseases
  4. Temporomandibular disorder
  5. Orofacial Pain