Elsa I. Mangiarua, PhD

Research Statement

Dr. Mangiarua is a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. She serves with the MS-1 subcommittee and the Admissions Committee. She is the Chair of the Education Committee. She is also the Academic Coordinator of the Summer Research Internship for Minority Students (SRIMS) and Director of the WV-INBRE Summer Research Program. Her research interests are in the area of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology.

Selected Publications

Brown KC, Lau JK, Dom AM, Witte TR, Luo H, Crabtree CM, Shah YH, Shiflett BS,
Marcelo AJ, Proper NA, Hardman WE, Egleton RD, Chen YC, Mangiarua EI,
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1/FGF2 pathway. Angiogenesis 2011.

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nitric oxide bioavailability in lean female Zucker rats. Canadian Journal of
Physiology and Pharmacology 89:245-257,2011.

Morrison RG, Mills CN, Moran AL, Walton CE, Sadek MH, Mangiarua EI, Wehner
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hypertension in obese Zucker rats by impairing NO production. Clinical and
Experimental Hypertension 29:369-381,2007.

Walker EM Jr, Epling CP, Parris C, Cansino S, Morrison RG, Wright GL, Mangiarua
EI, Wehner P, Blough ER. Acetaminophen protects against iron-induced cardiac
damage in gerbils. Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science 37:22-33,2007.

Walker EM Jr, Nillas MS, Mangiarua EI, Cansino S, Morrison RG, Perdue R, Triest
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changes in hearts of male Fisher 344/Brown Norway F1 rats. Annals of Clinical and
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Morrison RG, Carpenter AB, Adams VL, Mangiarua EI, Wehner PS, McCumbee
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Morrison RG, Carpenter AB, Moore SK, Mangiarua EI, Valentovic MA, Walker EM,
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obese Zucker rat to deoxycorticosterone-salt-induced hypertension. Journal of
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Mangiarua EI, Galagadera NJ, Eastham LL. Angiotensin II-induced growth effects
in vascular smooth muscle in cell culture and in the aortic tunica media in organ
culture. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry 109:404-409,2001.