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Shellie Mellert
Grant Coordinator

Michelle Norweck
Parent Liaison

Resident Training

During their training, resident physicians interview a parent about their experiences. Residents are trained by “parent faculty” and use a virtual home visit featuring a collection of families with children who have a chronic illness and/or special needs. This helps trainees better understand the impact of a condition, rather than the diagnosis.

Medical Student Training

Medical students participate in an overview of Project DOCC in order to introduce them to available resources and family experiences of those who have children with special health care needs. A Project DOCC panel presentation is also available as a medical topic for grand rounds or other professional medical venues.


One4all Disabilities Expo

This signature annual event offers families who have children with special health care needs/concerns information about local and national resources that may be beneficial to their child all in one place. For more information about the expo, please visit