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What Our Alumni Say


Adrienne M. Mays, MD
Class of 2009

The School of Medicine at Marshall provided me with all of the tools to become a successful physician!   Both the basic scientists and clinical professors are approachable and encourage an intimate setting for learning.  I received a top-quality medical education in an environment that was challenging, yet nurturing.   I can say honestly say that Marshall provided me with an excellent academic and clinical foundation for my career in Family Medicine.  I wholeheartedly recommend the program.


Lawrence Uradu, MD
Class of 2012

It gives me so much pleasure to write about my beloved Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. My time at Marshall was nothing short of excellent. Trust that you will get a high quality education that will prepare you for an amazing career in medicine. The teachers at Marshall are excellent and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The one thing that all Marshall graduates brag about is the new family you gain when you come here. People at Marshall genuinely care and the want you to succeed. The Marshall medical program will prepare you very well for the very competitive field of medicine, and they will do it with warm hearts and big smiles.


Jacob T. Kilgore, MD
Class of 2013

My experience at Marshall was phenomenal!  Small classes coupled with compassionate, knowledgeable professors provide Marshall a distinctive advantage and in turn, has given me a quality education.  Marshall is a small medical school, but the opportunities for learning and research are great.  I am proud to be a graduate from the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.


Elizabeth Saunders, MD
Class of 2007

The years I have spent at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine provided a strong academic and clinical foundation that helped prepare me for a career as a Medicine-Pediatrics physician. The faculty and staff at Marshall are committed to providing excellence in medical education, research, and patient care. Despite the class size expansion to 75 students, the atmosphere at Marshall continues to be a family-like experience that nurtures personal growth and development. Marshall continues to be well known for training primary care physicians, but we also place medical students in competitive residency fields around the country each year.


Donnie Wickline, MD
Class of 2006

Caring. Supportive. Encouraging. These are just some of the words that describe the Marshall School of Medicine. From the moment I entered the halls of medical school, I realized that it was a unique place to receive my medical training. Medical school will be one of the most challenging parts of your life, and it is important to choose a place that will cater to your specific needs. Marshall did that for me - it allowed me to work hard and learn on my own, but also light the path for a successful career in medicine. All you have to be willing to provide is the hard work necessary to complete that career, and Marshall will provide the foundation to succeed in whichever field of medicine you choose.