Marshall School of Medicine welcomes Class of 2025

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – The Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine welcomed its newest class of medical students to campus with a weeklong series of orientation activities last week, followed by the start of classes today. 

The 80 incoming medical students received supplies needed to kick off their medical school journey, including stethoscopes donated by Drs. Joseph B. and Omayma T. Touma and family, and white coats and medical instruments provided by 150 School of Medicine alumni, family and friends.

The Class of 2025 includes students from a variety of backgrounds, including two M.D./Ph.D. students, one set of cousins and former college athletes across seven different sports. The class includes alumni from nine West Virginia colleges and universities as well as Auburn University, Johns Hopkins University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Notre Dame, William & Mary and many others, as well as seven legacy students, meaning one or both parents are Marshall School of Medicine alumni. Other interesting statistics about the class include:

  • 79% are from West Virginia.
  • 9% entered from Marshall’s B.S./M.D. program.
  • 90% were science majors.
  • 11% are first-generation college graduates.
  • The average age is 24 years old.

Orientation activities included a variety of teambuilding exercises and introduced students to their assigned “learning communities,” which are student-led networks that foster a dedicated network of support for medical students. Throughout the week, the students were introduced to their classmates and faculty and learned more about the structure and format of medical school.

“Week Zero, as we like to call orientation, is all about helping incoming students build a connection to their classmates, faculty and the community,” said Bobby L. Miller, M.D., vice dean of medical education. “As they begin classes this week, students will participate in a first-year medical school curriculum that builds a foundational knowledge of clinical care.”

Due to COVID-19, the school has postponed the traditional white coat cloaking ceremony. For news and information about the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, follow us on Twitter @MUSOMWV, like us on Facebook or visit 


Date Posted: Monday, August 9, 2021