Medical students at Marshall University publish second edition of creative works

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Leah Payne, Director of Public Affairs, Schools of Medicine & Pharmacy, 304-691-1713


Medical students at Marshall University publish second edition of creative works


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Sir William Osler, often referred to as the father of modern medicine, is credited with calling the practice of medicine an art, not a trade.

Certainly echoing that sentiment is “Aenigma Medicorum,” an annual literary and art review by medical students at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, which contains dozens of submissions about life and death as seen through the eyes of medical students and physicians.

The 56-page booklet, which was financially supported through the School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity, seeks to give creative voice to health care providers through writings like poetry and short stories as well as photography.

The book’s executive editor, Sarah Slocum, a fourth-year medical student, says the publication is an attempt to strengthen the medical school community by reaffirming commitment to the human experience and clinical excellence.

“As providers, we do our best to connect with our patients on several levels,” Slocum said. “Our experiences creating art, whether it be visual, written or aural, allow us another opportunity to better relate with the people around us."

Submissions are made in the fall, reviewed by a student advisory board and selected for publication after assistance from faculty advisors.  Submissions for the 2015 edition may be emailed to

 Complimentary printed copies of the current edition are available at the Office of Student Affairs in the Byrd Clinical Center and the Office of Medical Education on the third floor of the  Marshall University Medical Center. It may be viewed digitally at





Date Posted: Wednesday, July 30, 2014