Administration Contacts

Interim Dean Bobby L. Miller, MD 304-691-1700
Vice Dean for Basic Sciences Gary O. Rankin, PhD 304-696-7313
Vice Dean for Business Development Ali Oliashirazi, MD 304-691-1274
Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs Joseph E. Evans, MD 304-691-1602
Vice Dean for Government Relations, Health Care Policy & External Affairs James B. Becker, MD 304-691-1602
Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education Paulette S. Wehner, MD 304-691-1817
Interim Vice Dean for Medical Education Nitin Puri, MD/PhD 304-691-8828
Vice Dean for Research & Graduate Education Uma Sundaram, MD 304-691-1841
Senior Associate Dean for Physician Collaboration & Student Engagement Mark A. Studeny, MD 304-691-8500
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Marie Frazier, MD 304-691-1300
Associate Dean for Admissions Christine Gilkerson, MD 304-691-1000
Associate Dean for Admissions
Director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Rural Health
Jennifer Plymale, MA 304-691-1182
Associate Dean for Clinical Research Juan R. Sanabria, MD 304-691-1200
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Mohammed Ranavaya, MD, JD 304-691-1170
Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion Shelvy Campbell-Monroe, PhD 304-691-1607
Associate Dean for Diversity Leonard White, MD 304-691-1050
Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement Darshana Shah, PhD 304-691-8639
Associate Dean for Student Affairs Amy Smith, BSN, MEd 304-691-8684
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Student Affairs Cindy Warren, MA 304-691-1738
Assistant Dean for Assessment & Evaluation Nancy Norton, MD 304-696-7349
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research Usha Murughiyan, MBBS 304-691-6812
Director of Animal Resources 304-696-7374
Director of Development & Alumni Affairs Linda Holmes, MA 304-691-1711
Director of Graduate Medical Education Amanda Jones, BA, C-TAGME 304-691-1817
Director of Medical Education Paul Ferguson, MD 304-691-1762
Director of Physician Assistant Program Ginger Boles, MS, PA-C 304-691-1979
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services Kourteny Sandefur 304-691-8739
Registrar Traci West-McCombs 304-691-6940
Chair, Curriculum Committee Kelly Melvin, MD 304-691-1500
Chair, Clerkship Committee Hisham Keblawi, MD 304-691-1400
Chair, Pre-Clership Committee Nancy Norton, MD 304-696-7349

Marshall Health Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer Beth L. Hammers, MBA 304-691-1712
Chief Medical Officer Joseph E. Evans, MD 304-691-1602
Chief Medical Information Officer Shannon Browning, RPh, MD 304-691-1066
Chief Financial Officer Matt Straub, MBA 304-691-1284
Chief Information Officer Michael J. McCarthy, MA 304-691-1750
Chief Marketing Officer Sheanna M. Spence, MS 304-691-1639
Chief Operating Officer Nathan Ward, JD 304-691-1705
Chief Strategy Officer Michael J. Chirico, JD 304-733-7787

Department Chairs

Anesthesiology Jay Shepherd, MD 304-691-1200
Biomedical Sciences Gary O. Rankin, PhD 304-696-7313
Cardiovascular Services Mehiar El-Hamdani, MD 304-691-1050
Clinical & Translational Sciences Uma Sundaram, MD 304-691-1841
Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Raj Khanna, DMD, MD 304-691-1247
Dermatology Shane E. Cook, MD 304-691-1930
Family & Community Health Stephen Petrany, MD 304-691-1165
Internal Medicine Mehiar El-Hamdani, MD 304-691-1050
Neurology Paul Ferguson, MD 304-691-1157
Neurosurgery Anthony Alberico, MD 304-691-1787
Obstetrics & Gynecology David Jude, MD 304-691-1460
Oncology James C. Jensen, MD 304-523-6421
Ophthalmology James Gigantelli, MD 304-691-8800
Orthopaedics Ali Oliashirazi, MD 304-691-1274
Pathology Krista Denning, MD 304-691-8860
Pediatrics Susan L. Flesher, MD 304-691-1300
Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine Suzanne Holroyd, MD 304-691-1500
Surgery David A. Denning, MD 304-691-1200
Urology Lawrence M. Wyner, MD 304-691-1900