Curriculum Committee


The mission of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Curriculum Committee is to create an optimal learning environment and develop and implement the best possible curriculum for the medical students which will enhance their learning and provide a foundation for their professional careers as physicians.


Curriculum Committee Membership

Member Department Term Ends
Paul Viscuse Class of 2016 6/16
Diane Dawley Class of 2017 6/16
Raj Singh Class of 2018 6/16
Lindsay Robinson Class of 2019 6/16
Anatomy & Pathology Members Appointed by their Chair
Krista Denning, MD
Pathology 6/17 (1st term)
Maria Serrat, Ph.D. Anatomy 6/16 (1st term)
Biochemistry & Microbiology Members Appointed by their Chair
Hungwei Yu, Ph.D. Microbiology 6/16 (1st term)
Elaine Hardman, Ph.D. Biochemistry 6/16 (2nd term)
Pharmacology, Physiology and Toxicology Members Appointed by their Chair
Nalini Santanam, Ph.D. Pharmacology 6/16 (1st term)
Piyali Dasgupta, Ph.D. Physiology 6/16 (2nd term)
Basic Science Appointees by the Dean
William McCumbee, Ph.D. Physiology 6/16 (2nd term)
Larry Grover, Ph.D Pharmacology 6/16 (1st term)
Clinical Faculty Members Appointed by their Chair
James Day, MD Orthopaedic Surgery 6/17 (1st term)
Kelly Melvin, MD Psychiatry 6/17 (2nd term)
Hisham Keblawi, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology 6/17 (3rd term)
Bonnie Beaver, M.D. Surgery 6/17 (1st term)
Adrienne Mays, M.D. Family & Community Health 6/17 (1st term)
Sean Loudin, M.D. (CHAIR) Pediatrics 6/16 (1st term)
Christine Gilkerson, M.D. Internal Medicine 6/16 (1st term)
Paul Ferguson, M.D. Neuroscience 6/16 (2nd term)
Administrative Appointees by the Dean
Bobby Miller, M.D. Office of Medical Education (NON-VOTING)
Charles Gullo, Ph.D.
(Executive Secretary)
Office of Medical Education (NON-VOTING)


To convey any curricular issues, add items to the Curriculum Committee agenda, etc., please email the Curriculum Committee Chair, Sean Loudin, MD at