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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2022-2023


Tuition Per Semester

Fees Per Semester

Total  Per Semester

WV Resident









WV Resident – for total of seven (7) semesters


Non-resident – for total of seven (7) semesters


Required Expenses – Not Tuition Related

Unless indicated below, students will be given specific order/purchase instructions for required items.

Lab Coat and Scrubs

$45.00 lab coat
Two sets of program-required scrubs, $35.00 each

In addition, students must have one pair of scrubs (their preference) for anatomy lab – these will be disposed of after anatomy lab course – estimated cost is $20.00

Books and equipment (includes stethoscope)

$1,400.00 (program estimate) **

Physical Examination

Prior to matriculation, cost will vary depending on student insurance and area. After students matriculate into the program for year two, costs are covered. 


Prior to matriculation, cost will vary depending on previous student immunizations. After students matriculate into the PA program, immunization costs are covered.

Background Check

$139.60 – this will be performed two times at $69.80 each – once prior to matriculation and once prior to beginning clinical rotations. Various healthcare sites may require additional testing.

Drug Screen

All drug screens must be done as directed by the PA program. Do not get done until directions received from program

$45.00 prior to matriculation (if done locally at Huntington site, if not done in Huntington, then $60.00)/ $45.00 prior to going on rotations (random drug screens are paid by the program)


$75.00 (one-time fee)


$10.00 (one-time fee)

Marshall PA Student Society Dues

$10.00 (one-time fee)

Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam


Health Insurance

$6,382.00 per year ***

Computer (student’s preference of laptop or desktop)


BLS/ACLS Trainings


Graduation Fees

$50.00 to be paid in last semester

**Cost for books and equipment above reflects the purchase of texts not available via our online database. Many of our required texts are available as e-texts at no additional cost to students resulting in significant savings.

***All students are permitted to waive health insurance as long as they have one of the following means of credible Insurance:

  1. Medicare/Medicaid: must provide full coverage in the state of West Virginia.
  2. VA or Tri-Care
  3. Valid health insurance (individual coverage, from parents or from employer) including emergency services, local urgent care facilities, diagnostic x-rays, laboratory services, mental health coverage, prescription drugs, and inpatient and outpatient hospitalization. 

Living Expenses Estimate

Living Expenses Estimate (per month)
Rent/Mortgage $650

  • Electric @ $95
  • Gas @ $75
  • Water @ $50
  • Telephone @ $75
  • Internet @ $50
  • Food @ $400

$16,740.00 per year


$3,480.00 per year

Loan Fees

Graduate plus fee $829.00 per year

Loan fee $380.00 per year