Marshall Mentor Program

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the Marshall Mentoring Program!! The Marshall Mentoring Program is a combined program that provides every undergraduate medical student with the opportunity for early clinical experiences and academic-career advising with a practicing clinical physician. The primary objective is to create collaborative relationships with students that will foster an atmosphere of connection, support and guidance.  The advisory program portion of the program is based on the Association of American Medical Colleges Careers in Medicine (CiM) program and can be referenced at

The Office of Student Affairs will provide oversight for the Marshall Mentor Program so please forward any questions or comments to Laura Christopher at 304-691-1730 or by email at

Student requirements (All students are responsible to making first contact with their mentor via email or telephone):

  1. MS-1 STUDENTS ONLY: Completion of 8 hours of clinical shadowing beginning in the Spring Semester only.
  2. MS-2 STUDENTS ONLY: Completion of 4 hours of clinical shadowing in the Fall Semester and 4 hours in the Spring Semester.
  3. MS-3 and MS-4 STUDENTS ONLY: Completion of 1 hour of career advising session per semester and mock interview (MS-4 ONLY).
  4. Provide all mentors with a copy of the Marshall Mentoring Program guide.
  5. Provide documentation forms to their mentor and submit to the Office of Student Affairs as noted in the Marshall Mentoring Program Guide.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  1. Respond to emails or phone messages from mentees when attempting to schedule first sessions.
  2. Become familiar with resources available to students (see Marshall Mentoring Program)
  3. Assure student confidentiality
  4. Document both clinical shadowing and academic advising sessions. Students will provide mentors with documentation forms and a copy of the Marshall Mentoring Program Guide.