Medical Career Development Program

The MCD program, began in 2011-2012, and is a four year longitudinal course based on the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) program. Participation in the program is a graduation requirement. Students use the CiM website as their primary source of information and meet with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs annually. During the session with the students, the Dean covers the CiM objectives as outlined below. Independent learning exercises are also completed by the students throughout the year. The outcome measures of these are listed below.

MCD Year


Outcome Measures

Year 1

Demonstrate familiarity with CiM as a resource for career development and decision making by submitting a personal reflection.

Completion of  CiM exercises
Submission of  personal reflection


Demonstrate evidence of understanding of your personal career development and exploration of your interests, values and personal influences by submission of 3-5 Power Point slides which illustrate your career development over the years, highlighting your unique characteristics.

Submission of 3-5 PowerPoint slides 
Attendance at one “Career Conversation” session

Year 2

Review Charting Outcomes for the Match 2011, NRMP Results & Data 2012 Main Residency Match, and Results of the 2012 NRMP Program Director Survey and attend two “Career Conversation” sessions and
submit a personal reflection that reflects the specialties they are considering and their current fit for that program.

Submission of personal reflection

Year 3

Draft an updated Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement and submit to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for feedback.

Submission of updated Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement

Year 4

Attend “Interviewing Seminar” and participate in one mock interview with your Medical Student Advisor.

Attendance at “Interviewing Seminar”
Completion of mock Interview