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Summit Award Winners 2020

The Office of Graduate Medical Education is pleased to announce the winners of the 7th Annual Quality & Safety Poster Presentation.




Team Members

CMO’s Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Project

Using Diabetic Health Home Model to Improve Diabetic and Psychiatric Care of Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Patients in a Provider Based Clinic (PBC) – a multidisciplinary quality improvement project

Family Medicine

Ben Schnakenberg, MD; Ben Perrin, MD; Jessa Dingess, MSW; Samantha Grabo-Wright, Pharm D; Jim Becker, MD; Bill Rollyson, MS IV; Adam Franks, MD

Runner Up

Gender Bias in Chest Pain Evaluation: A 25-year update

Neurology etc.

Abigail Tolbert, MS II, Dipali Nemade, MD; Christopher Murphy, MD, Jo Ann Raines, MA; Paulette Wehner, MD and Frank Shuler, MD, Ph.D

Vice Dean’s Award for Best Integrated/Sustainable QI Project


Transition of Care Process; decreasing hospital readmissions for a family medicine residency

Family Medicine

Courtney Wellman, MD; Morgan Sticker, MD; Ellen Berry, DO; Adam Franks, MD; Matthew Christiansen, MD; Stephen Petrany, MD

Runner Up


Increased Utilization of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits within HMS via Standardization of Patient Interaction, PCMH, and Care Managers

Holzer Family Medicine

Roger Quach, DO; Arthur Huntley, DO; Isis Holloway, DO; Matt Mossberg; Beth Cochran, RN; Antony Valentine, DO

Outstanding Resident Patient Safety Award


How frequently is our psychiatry residency applying best practices for monitoring side effects of antipsychotic medications


Tamara Murphy, MD; Ruthie Cooper, MD; Erika Maynard, MD;  Tiffany White, DO; Dare Ajayi,MD;  Mallory Morris, MD;  Mark Peterson, MD; Brady Kullen, MD; Justin Gandee, MD; Mats Lemberger, MD; Brittani Lowe,MD;  Julia Preusch, MD; Amber Wireman, DO; Nafeeza Husain, MD; Scott Murphy, MD; Suzanne Holroyd, MD

Runner Up

Ensuring Appropriate Hypertension Medications in an Outpatient Provider Based Clinic; a resident led multidisciplinary quality assurance/improvement project

Family Medicine

Jenna Barbour, MD; Donald Ours, MD; David Rupp, MD; Tammy Lowe, RN; Diane Alcorn, RN; Bill Rollyson; Adam Franks, MD

Outstanding Resident QI Award



Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates in a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH): a student led improvement project

Family Medicine

Katie Salyers, MD; Joshua Napier, MD; Luke Finley, MD; John Parker, MD; Diane Alcorn, RN; Tammy Lowe, RN; William Rollyson, MS IV; Adam Franks, MD


Intraosseous Access QI Project


Jenalee Corsello, MD; Ruth Gerola, MD; Jessica Hale, DO; Jordyn Thiel, DO; Andrew Weaver, MD; David Denning, MD

Runner Up

Filling the Gaps: Family Medicine Resident QI Project to Increase Knowledge of Skin Cancer Screening Techniques

Holzer Family Medicine

Elizabeth Bentley, DO; Leslee Rice, DO; Morgan Efaw, DO; Karen Wong, DO

Shuler Award

Family Medicine