International Health

International health, also called Global Health, is a field of health care with a public health emphasis, dealing with health across regional or national boundaries. Our residents are encouraged to participate in the experience of practicing Pediatrics in developing countries during an elective month through missionary work once a year. Dr Isabel Pino, who specializes in Rural Pediatrics, coordinates an annual trip to Nicaragua. This experience in International Health is one of the several components of our diverse, comprehensive Pediatric residency program. Check out our pictures from the Nicaragua 2011 trip below!

Testimonial from Dr Elizabeth Sanders (Medicine-Pediatrics residency graduate, class of 2011)

The Pediatric International Health elective program offers our residents a unique opportunity to provide access to medical care in underserved countries. During my Med-Peds residency, I was very fortunate to participate in two Medical Missions to Nicaragua.

It has been such a rewarding experience to travel to Nicaragua and practice both Pediatrics and Medicine in a rural tropical environment! While in Nicaragua, not only did I become familiar with treating common tropical diseases, but I was also able to provide care for a number of patients with undiagnosed congenital abnormalities and surgical and medical emergencies. During my trips, I was exposed to new experiences in medicine and was able to experience a new culture and the beautiful people and country of Nicaragua.

Testimonial from Dr Jay Lakhani (Medicine-Pediatrics residency graduate, class of 2011)

I appreciated the unique experience of getting to work with my attending physicians and a fellow resident on the trip to Nicaragua. It was an opportunity for us to grow in our medical knowledge, but more so I believe we developed lasting memories that I will carry with me far beyond the days of my residency training.