The mission of the Department of Pediatrics at Marshall University School of Medicine is to maintain and improve the health of West Virginia children by educating physicians, and providing direct and supportive health services to West Virginia children. 

Program Goals and Objectives

The Department of Pediatrics’ Educational Goal is to facilitate each resident’s growth as an individual and as a pediatrician following the guiding values and principles of:

  • commitment to lifelong learning
  • practicing medicine with integrity
  • advocating for patients at all times
  • promoting independence while encouraging teamwork
  • participating actively in the community
  • embracing diversity of culture and spirituality
  • balancing personal and professional lives 

The residency program shall accomplish its goal by striving to train caring, compassionate physicians who are competent to provide the highest level of primary medical care for neonates, infants, children and adolescents, who are advocates for children and their families in terms of social, emotional and medical needs and who have the requisite medical and scientific background to pursue careers in their chosen area of pediatric medicine. 

To achieve this goal, the program has the following specific objectives: 

  • Recruit highly qualified medical graduates to the Pediatrics Residency.
  • Foster critical thinking based on medical and scientific data and provide the educational tools required for the residents to continue to acquire knowledge.
  • Provide an environment that encourages initiation of, and participation in, research projects.
  • Provide a curriculum of fundamental information concerning normal growth, development and physiology, and methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating disease.
  • Supervise, monitor, and facilitate the learning process to assure residents are prepared to achieve their life goals in pediatrics.
  • Define specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes required, and to provide educational experiences as needed, in order for residents to demonstrate the six Core Competencies as defined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Educational Resources

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Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Rotation

Project DOCC (Delivery of Chronic Care)