Orientation will begin on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 through Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Program specific schedules will be provided by the coordinators.

Area Map w/ Points of Interest (PDF)

Mandatory Training
Bloodborne Pathogens (contact your program coordinator for guest login credentials)
Hazard Communication

Cabell Huntington Hospital
Security Awareness of PHI
Non-Employee Attestation

St. Mary's Medical Center
IT User Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement / Statement of Understanding
Principles of Collaboration
- Patient Safety Responsibility
Signature Card
- Emergency Management Plan

VA Medical Center
VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees
Resident Orientation Checklist
WOC Letter for US Citizens 
WOC Letter for Non-US Citizens
Fingerprint Record Prep Sheet
Application for Health Professions Trainees
Declaration of Federal Employment
Appointment Affidavit
PIV Form
Pharmacy Form 
IRM New User Application
Parking Registration Form
TMS Form
Learner Survey Form

River Park Hospital
Resident Medical Staff - Request for Privileges
- Request for Privileges in Psychiatry
- Initialing / Credentialing Packet
- Medical Staff Rules & Regulations
- Medical Staff Bylaws

Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital
- Required Forms

Payroll - Documentation Needed for June 18, 2014
List of Required Documents
I-9 List of Acceptable Documents

Marshall Health IT Account Request Form
Pre-Training Screening Form
Fit Testing Form
Workforce Confidentiality
Release Authorization