Brazeau, Dan

Dan Brazeau
Associate Professor
(304) 696-8704

Research Interest

Daniel Brazeau is a Research Associate Professor.  He holds joint appointments in the School of Pharmacy and the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.  Dr Brazeau received his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Toledo and earned his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (1989) from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB).  Following postdoctoral training at the University of Houston he was a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Florida (UF) and Director of UF’s Genetic Analysis Laboratory.  Prior to joining Marshall in 2018 he has served as Director of University of New England’s Genomics Research Laboratory (2010-2018) and Director of the Pharmaceutical Genetics Laboratory at University at Buffalo (2010-1998).  Dr. Brazeau’s research focuses in population genetics and pharmacogenomics.  Past funded work includes studies in gene expression, genotyping, RNA sequencing, metagenomics and data visualization techniques.  Presently Dr. Brazeau has projects investigating the role human genomic variants for efflux transporters and cytochrome P4503A isoenzymes play in immunosuppressive pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in stable kidney transplant patients. Another project ongoing in the lab involves the development of DNA/RNA preservation solutions that are compatible with the growing proliferation of Point-of-Care (POC) instrumentation that provide accurate and rapid assessment of specific pathogens directly at the site of patient care.

Dr Brazeau was the founding chair of the Pharmacogenomics Special Interest Group in American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.  He is a member of the National Science Foundation’s Geneticist-Educator Network Alliances working with high school teachers to incorporate genetics into the classroom.