Obesity and Related Diseases Cluster

Obesity and Related Diseases Cluster (ORDRC) - Coordinator, Jung Han Kim, PhD

In our modern era, the incidence of obesity has reached epidemic proportions, where over 30% of American adults and 17% of children and teens are obese. In 2017, WV ranked highest for obesity in the U.S. Many obese individuals suffer from related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia, leading to a decreased life span. This association of obesity with related metabolic diseases makes obesity a priority public health issue.


Basic Science Researcher             Research Interests

Subha Arthur, PhD                                Regulation of bile acid absorption in obesity

Yanling Yan, PhD                                 Oxidative stress; impaired renal sodium excretion

Travis Salisbury, PhD                            Leucine-stimulated induction of mTOR1 in breast cancer in obesity

Maria Serrat, PhD                                 Regulation of growth factor transport in bone elongation in childhood obesity

Isabel Larre, PhD                                  Regulation of tight junction molecular composition by Na/K-ATPase in obesity

Jung Han Kim, PhD                              Genetics of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Nalini Santanam, PhD                           Diet, exercise, obesity drugs on cardiometabolic endpoints

Emine Koc, PhD                                   Role of mitochondria in obesity disorders

Holly Cyphert, PhD                               Molecular regulation of beta cell function

Don Primerano, PhD                             Chronic disease susceptibility genes

Jim Denvir, PhD                                    Application of multiple hypothesis testing procedures to high-throughput
                                                           genomic data

Hongwei Yu, PhD                                  Microbiome in obesity, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease

Clinical Researcher                         Research Interests

Uma Sundaram, MD                              Nutrition, inflammatory bowel disease

Joseph Shapiro, MD                              Renal function and hypertension

Omdola Olajide, MD                              Endocrinology and metabolism