MU Next Gen Sequencing Service

MU Next Generation Sequencing Service


The MU Genomics Core Facility provides Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services to investigators at universities, and in government and industry. The Genomics Core is equipped with an Illumina HiSeq1500 sequencer with the capability to perform whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, transcriptome expression profiling (RNA-Seq) and microbiome studies. The HiSeq1500 can generate 1.5 billion single reads/run or 3 billion paired reads/run. In a 2 x100 paired end run, ~300 Gigabases can be sequenced.

Investigators must meet with Core Personnel prior to any experimentation or sample preparation.  At the initial meeting, Genomics Core staff and the investigator will define experimental design and objectives, technical issues (e.g. DNA/RNA quality and quantity, and library construction), probable sequence yields and outcomes, and overall cost.

Investigators must provide input DNA or RNA which meets minimum quality and quantity requirements. The Genomics Core will prepare standard Illumina sequencing libraries (whole genome, whole exome, ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq) based on established protocols. Libraries may also be prepared by the investigator. The Core will generate clusters and sequence the libraries according to the experimental design and perform data analyses as requested by the investigator (e.g. variant calling and transcriptome analysis).

If you are interested in developing a NGS project, please contact Don Primerano or Jim Denvir.  Please complete Genomics Core Analysis Request Form and email it as a pdf to Don Primerano.
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