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Purpose, Goals and Committee Expectations & Membership

The Personnel Advisory Committe's charge is to review all tenure and promotion recommendations for the School of Medicine, including all of the data submitted by each peer review committee, and make an independent recommendation to the Dean regarding tenure and promotion for each faculty member it reviews

To ensure the process of promotion and tenure of the faculty is fair and equitable and adheres to the policy and procedures of the University

Committee Member Expectations:
Each committee member is required to attend scheduled meetings of the committee during the review process (Usually November-January). Committee members are assigned files to review of all candidates under consideration for promotion and tenure.  Members present or discuss the file at committee meetings and participate in the vote on qualifications for promotion. The secretary of the committee records the votes and minutes of committee proceedings; the chairperson of the committee sends a report on the committee's tenure and promotion recommendations to the Dean.

Committee Membership and Terms:
The Personnel Advisory Committee shall consist of one elected representative from each department. Faculty holding administrative positions as department chairperson or above, and who directly supervise other faculty, and faculty who are not full-time employees of the Marshall University School of Medicine are not eligible to service on this committee. Terms of office shall normally be three years (To provide continuity, the initial representatives of the Department shall draw lots for one, two or three year terms.).  If, for any reason, a departmental representative shall be unable to complete his/her term of office, the department shall elect another representative to complete that term. The Personnel Advisory Committee shall elect is own chairperson and secretary annually.